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      Our company is the eldest son of the People's Republic of China. Born in Anshan under the horn of the liberation war, growing in the steps of New China’s establishment when the CCP fought both north and south, we have been following the Party's direction and taking the interests of our country and its people as our mission for 60 years. “Always holding the red flag tight and standing at the forefront”, we’ve accepted and shouldered state responsibilities with unswerving loyalty.

      Our company is China's 'National Team' in metallurgical construction and steel operation services. Bearing the task of strengthening the country through steel, we have built a strong steely skeleton for New China. With unchangeable perseverance, we have pressed forward with indomitable will and taken an absolute leading position in the metallurgy industry through the painstaking efforts and perspiration of generations, becoming the biggest, the strongest and the best metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical services operator in the world. Our faith in our quest to lead China’s metallurgy to a higher level will remain unshakable and become even firmer as time goes by.

      Our company is the forerunner of the market economy. Having started the utilization of the bidding business at home and created 'Shenzhen Speed', we freed our minds, went with the flow, experienced triumphs and advanced together with the belief that cooperation can result in long-term development. By virtue of the undeniable strength of this 'National Team' in Chinese steel engineering and techniques, we have marched into the new industrial fields of high-end housing construction, municipal transportation, energy conservation & environmental protection and theme parks. Breaking records one after another and erecting monuments firmly and constantly, we have formed the development advantages of 'Four Beams and Eight Columns', a system that not only constitutes our business sections and pillar industries, but also developed MCC into the leading force of China’s capital construction.

      Our company is the main force to head into international markets as well as China's pioneering force of overseas construction. With our dominant core technologies, continual innovation ability and irreplaceable metallurgical industry chain integration advantages, we hold more than 60% of the global metallurgical construction market and shoulder the responsibility of undertaking national strategies - central enterprises 'Going global' and 'One Belt And One Road' - as the true 'National Team' of metallurgical construction. Consistently promoting reform and innovation in the world's steel industry and driving the Chinese metallurgical industry and its outfits to go abroad on a larger scale and at a higher level, we have had a wide and profound influence.

      Facing the new normal of economic development, we should hold firmly to the development vision of 'Focusing on the main business of MCC and building a Wonderful MCC', practice the simple yet profound MCC spirit of 'Never delaying and never slacking', continue to hold high the banner of 'Build the world with heart', continue to develop the updated 'Four Beams and Eight Columns' business system, rebuild our new advantages in the construction of a 'Wonderful MCC' and advance with huge strides towards our development goal of becoming the 'National Team' of international first-class metallurgical construction and operation services.